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Next Generation Educational Trends
The following presentation identifies 11 current trends that are shaping and defining Next Generation Education Environments. The order of the trends is based on the input from community members, who participated in a dot voting exercise. Each attendee was able to place 6 green dots on the education trend that they thought was most important for the East Grand School District. The two community meetings held on December 3rd, one in Grand Lake and one in Winter Park.
Steering Committee Members
Frank Reeves, Superintendent
John Weninger, Director of Maintenance
Courtney Lincoln, Instructional Coach
Cindy Rimmer, MPHS Asst. Principal
Tristan Schwab, MPHS student
Stacy Dellamano, Parent
Christine Artzer, EGMS teacher
Ed Moyer, Parent
Kelly Martin, GES Principal
Ted Reade, Parent
Dane Ruttenberg, FVE Counselor
Kathleen Olsen, Parent
Mike McGinley, Schoo Board (ex-officio)
Angel DiCicco, School Board (ex-officio)