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ACT on Drugs Presentation Schedule

posted Jan 9, 2017, 10:38 AM by System Administrator

ACT on Drugs Presentation Schedule




When presenting to students, Lynn Reimer, the presenter, will be giving age appropriate information about the dangers and effects of drugs, the difference between legal and illegal drugs, as well as how to help ensure safety from drugs.


When presenting to adults, Lynn will discuss and present information on recognizing drugs, symptoms of people under the influence of drugs, how drugs can be masked or hidden and ways to deal with the issue.


January 11, 2017


                        8:05 – 9:05    Freshman                    Auditorium MPHS

                        9:20-10:30    Juniors and Seniors  Auditorium MPHS

                        10:40-11:40  Sophomores               Auditorium MPHS


                        1:09-1:57       Sixth Grade                 Sixth Grade Pod EGMS

                        2:00-2:48       Seventh Grade           Sixth Grade Pod EGMS

                        2:51-3:39       Eighth Grade              Sixth Grade Pod EGMS


                        4:30-6:00       Teachers and Staff    Auditorium MPHS


January 17, 2017


                        8:15-9:15       Bus Drivers                    District Board Room

                        11:00-12:00  Parents/Community   Winter Park Town Hall

                        2:00-2:48       Seventh Grade               Sixth Grade Pod EGMS

                        2:51-3:39       Eighth Grade                  Sixth Grade Pod EGMS


                        4:20-5:20       Parents/Community   Sixth Grade Pod EGMS