Stop move
US 34 route stops
Due to the increased number of school bus red light runners on US 34 and US 40, 
for the safety of students, we will no longer allow students to cross the hi way at any stop.

WP activity bus

Once again, the town of Winter Park is providing a late night activity bus from Granby to Fraser Rec center.
Leave Soccer dome; 6:15 PM
Leave EGMS 6:20 PM
Leave MPHS 6:30 PM
Arrive Fraser Rec 6:50 PM

Student release from bus

Pre-K to 2nd grade students will no longer be let off the bus at their stop unless a parent or guardian is there to meet them, or older sibling of middle school or higher is accompanying them. This is a safety concern that younger students are not left on the road by themselves. Every effort will be made to 
contact parent or guardian to make arrangements to pick up student.

It is that time of the year for animals such as Moose and Elk to be along roadways and student drop off areas. Be aware of your surroundings and make sure students are not left by themselves in these areas. We will not let students off the bus when animals are present unless there is someone to pick them up. We will make other arrangements to drop student off in a safe place.
All school bus stop information provided through this page is for general reference only. While the School District endeavors to keep information up to date, this database of bus stop location and stop times may not be complete or entirely accurate.  Bus stops and times also are subject to change at any time.  The School District, therefore, must disclaim any warranties associated with the information provided through this bus stop location and time information and is not responsible for any actions taken by using the East Grand School District bus stop location and time information on this page.
School bus stops
Stop for flashing red on a school bus.
When a bus is stopped on the highway, red overhead lights
will flash and stop sign will come out.
This bus is either loading or unloading students.
You must stop for the bus same as stopping at a stop sign.
There is no legal place in Grand County where you can
pass a bus with its red lights flashing.
Our buses are equipped with camera system 
that videos red light runners.

Trip Schedule


CDE Transportation
Colorado Department of Education, Transportation
Colorado State Pupil Transportation Association

 Transportation Facility
Mike Thompson
Telephone:  887-3651
Address:  303 County Road 611
Granby, Co. 80446

Stay Alive
Stay alive. Do not text and drive.
Do not drive distracted, 
hang up phone around school parking lots and when picking up your child.
Talk to your children and ask them how their day went.