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You’ll find links to these databases on your School Library’s Home Page.

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States of United States, Provinces of Canada,

Countries of the World

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World Book Online

Kids, Student, Advanced, Encicopedia Estudiantil, Discovery Encyclopedia (Graphics)

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Global Issues in Context

World History in Context

US History in Context

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From Suffrage to the Senate
This is Who We Were--In the 1920s
​This is Who We Were--in the 1950s
This is Who We Were--in the 1960s

Client ID: eastgrand Username: mphs130

Password: panthers

Constitutional Amendments

Client ID: eastgrand Username: mphs130

Password: panthers

Living GreenConsumable Goods, Durable Goods, Mountain, Deserts, and Grasslands, Forests and Wetlands, Oceans, Islands, and Polar Regions, Pollution, Producing and Obtaining Food, Green Buildings, Green Transportation

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Inventions and DiscoveriesAgriculture, Architecture and Engineering, The Arts, Astronomy, Communication, Economics, Industry and Manufacturing, Mathematics, Medicine, Personal and Household Items, Transportation, Warfare

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Early Peoples—Africans, Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Aborigines, Aztec, Chinese, Inca, Indians of North America, Maori, Maya, Peoples of the Arctic and Subarctic, Polynesians

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If you have an iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, or other smart phone, you can download apps for InfoTrac (accessmylibrary), EBSCO (EBSCO), and the Library Catalog (Follett Destiny). See the librarian for details.

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