District Office Staff

Assessment Information

6 months ago

Assessments play an important role in the teaching and learning cycle and include various types of tests: summative, formative, interim, benchmark and diagnostic.

Multiple assessments are given and provide valuable information at different times within a student's learning progression.   EGSD is required to comply with federal and state assessments mandates for accountability purposes and include Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) while balancing the need for teacher developed and district assessments (eg. iReady that are used for instructional purposes like grading and placement.)  EGSD is fortunate to have the necessary technology and internet connectivity to have the majority of our students access CMAS assessments and district wide assessments.  Students will be allowed to use paper and pencil assessments if needed and determined by the accommodations guidelines.

EGSD is committed to using assessment data in a fair and ethical manner and do provide valuable information that help us know your learner.  A parent or guardian who wishes to exempt his or her child from a particular state assessment shall make this request by filling out the form below and submitting it to your student's Principal.  The exemptions process shall only apply to state assessments and shall not apply to district or classroom assessments.  Following are links to valuable information regarding EGSD Assessments