EGSD Best Grant

2 years ago

We are extremely excited to announce that we have been awarded $2.1 million from the BEST program that will allow us to immediately begin to improve our district-wide security emergency management by:

         Relocating Fraser Valley Elementary and East Grand Middle School’s main office location to provide a more secure building entrance

       Upgrading antiquated video and speaker access systems at front door of Fraser Valley and East Grand Middle Schools

       Providing district-wide upgrades and improvements to all school’s video surveillance systems

        Installing a new district-wide public address/mass notification system

       Installing new door hardware throughout all district facilities that complies with state and federal guidelines

       Installing exterior card-reader access controls at all district facilities

         Expanding the fire suppression sprinklers system at Middle Park High School and Fraser Valley elementary to fully cover all sections of the schools.

Next Generation Educational Trends

The presentation below identifies 11 current trends that are shaping and defining Next Generation Education Environments. The order of the trends is based on the input from community members, who participated in a dot voting exercise. Each attendee was able to place 6 green dots on the education trend that they thought was most important for the East Grand School District.

BEST Grant Executive Committee Members

Frank Reeves, Superintendent

John Weninger, Director of Maintenance

Donette Schmiebauer, Business Director

Kelly Yaeger, Asst. Business Director

Kery Harrelson, IT Director

Jenny Rothboeck, EGMS Principal

James Chamberlin, FVE Principal

Trevor Corbin, School Board

Phil Brooks, School Board