Information and requirements when your child has asthma . . .

When your student has been diagnosed with Asthma, please inform the school nurse. This information is important so we can monitor and help the student control their asthma in the school environment. It is Colorado state law that every student that has been diagnosed with asthma has an Asthma Action Plan (Plan De Accion Para Asma) that has been signed by a parent, signed by the doctor,and that this document is on file with the school. If your student is self-administering an inhaler at school they must have completed a Self- Carrying Contract (Uno mismo lleva contrato), which is to be signed by parent and student and be on file at the school they attend. Below this box, you will see a file marked Asthma Forms, please click on this file and print off the forms you need to complete and return them to the school nurse.

If you have questions regarding your child's asthma at school, please contact Peg Vandevoort, RN, East Grand School District nurse at the school your child attends.