DAC Vision and Mission

CDE: District Accountability Committees (DACs) are responsible for (1) making recommendations to their local school boards concerning budget priorities, (2) making recommendations concerning the preparation of the district Performance, Improvement, Priority Improvement, or Turnaround plan (whichever is applicable), (3) providing input and recommendations to principals, on advisory basis, concerning the development and use of assessment tools to measure and evaluate student academic growth as it relates to teacher evaluations, and (4) cooperatively determining other areas and issues to address and make recommendations upon. DAC's also are expected to publicize opportunities to serve on District and School Accountability Committees and solicit families to do so, assist the district in implementing its family engagement policy, and assist school personnel in increasing family engagement with educators.

EGSD: Improve communication with policy and handbooks among all stakeholders.

2019-2020 Charges
  1. DAC will list a standing agenda item (Policy Review) for each meeting to accept and discuss

concerns submitted by stakeholders that policies adopted in 2018-2019 are not adequate to guide current practices. Upon review, DAC may generate a potential revision and submit it to the Board for three readings and adoption including CASB review. (Rationale: During extensive DAC review and policy adoption last year, we agreed our policies would be reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis to sustain policy-governance model.)

  1. DAC will review each school’s Staff Handbook to determine that all information is

supported by Board Policies adopted in Spring, 2019; potential discrepancies will be discussed with recommendation for revision of Handbook (sent to Frank) or Board Policy (sent to Board for Policy Review process). DAC will also complete a comparative study of four Staff Handbooks to recommend standardizing the common sections with District wording and formatting. (Rationale: We need to ensure that Board Policies 2019 are upheld in Staff Handbooks.)

Committee Members

David Barnes, Diann Barnes, Phil Brooks, Lynn Burrows, James Chamberlin, Jean Cross, Jane Hill, Wendy Hoffmeister, Rachel Kindsvatter, Taura Perdue, Ed Raegner, Frank Reeves, Cindy Rimmer, Taunia Shipman, Tina Steinberg, Darrell Woods, Malmandy Wehmeyer, Linda Troute, and Gregg Jackson.